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From replica Omega vintage watch reissues. A selection of Omega's revival tour. Truth be told, old-fashioned reissues are nothing new. Every year, we receive a large number of replica watches, old and new, and the brand looks through its archives to find models to update. However, when it comes to a brand reviving a much-loved replica watch from the past, Omega doesn't hold their interest. Since its founding in 1848, Omega has recorded many important historical moments, from the first moon landing to the Olympic Games. Since then, they have successfully developed their timepieces so that they are simultaneously historical and contemporary. Although occasionally, they have restored old designs after decades of sabbaticals, much to the delight of the Omega faithful. This is a reissue of our favorite vintage replica Omega watch.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 3577.50.00 Mens Steel

Creation Time

In 1957, Omega released three vintage replica watches that would go on to become classics: the Seamaster 300, the Railmaster, and the Speedmaster, the 1957 trilogy. All three were part of the Seamaster collection in 1957, with each model representing a different field of use. The Seamaster 300 for diving, the Railmaster for strong magnetic environments, and the Speedmaster for racing. all three models feature a non-tightening crown that ensures water resistance through high pressure. The reinforced acrylic crystal is welded to the steel case and the wide arrow hand (or unique hand) has a luminous arrow tip. For the 60th anniversary of the Trilogy, OMEGA is releasing immediate vintage versions of these replica watches, available individually or in sets. With careful attention to detail and with the help of the Omega Museum, each watch from the 1957 Trilogy recreates the look and feel of the original, with size, texture, and even tan markings that recreate the glow of age. While remaining faithful to the originals, replica Omega has updated the revival with modern bracelets, modern replica Omega watches signature Co-Axial escapement technology, and Super Luminova markings.

Caliber 321

Omega's famous caliber 321 (two-thirds) was the first movement to be used in a Speedmaster replica watch in 1957 and is making a comeback in 2019. Such a popular movement, the 321, has a place in Speedmaster history. It has been used in many historical models, including the Speedmaster 105.003 (one, five, three), the first Speedmaster certified by NASA for use in space and worn by astronaut Ed White during the first American spacewalk. And the Speedmaster 105.012 (one oh, five-oh, one-two) - the classic replica watch was worn during the first moon landing. After a decades-long hiatus, the Caliber 321 is relaunched in 2019 with a faithful reproduction of the classic "Ed White" model. The 2019 model has been updated with a slightly smaller case and straight lug design, a polished black ceramic bezel, and a sapphire display back that shows the 321 movements. Have you enjoyed the video so far? Subscribe to our channel and get updates about new videos. The Mark Two version of the Speedmaster was introduced in 1969 and was first introduced from the Speedmaster case with its tonneau shape and hidden lugs. Considered the "muscle car" of the Speedy models, it has a very 1920s look and is very solid. Omega relaunched the chronograph in 2014, updating it with only the latest technology and adding color. At first glance, the modern version has a very retro look; this is because all the major changes have actually taken place inside.

While the original was powered by the manual-winding caliber 1861, the revival features the self-winding Co-Axial caliber 3330 (33:30). Everything else is the same as the original. It retains the original tonneau-shaped case from 1969, with its brushed stainless steel case and bracelet and monochrome dial; but Omega has also added a "racing dial" version with striking luminescent orange chronograph hour and hour markers. Developed in the late 1960s and launched in 1970, the Omega PloProf was a very advanced diver at the time. Designed by the legendary diver Jacques Cousteau, the Omega PloProf was revolutionary in many ways: it was machined from a single block of steel, the crown was located at 9 o'clock instead of 3 o'clock, and a chemically hardened mineral crystal was used, whereas others used acrylic glass when it was used. All these innovations made this landmark timepiece very expensive, costing up to two Rolex Submariner pieces, and therefore failed to become a commercial success. But it did become a popular choice for professional divers! In 2009, replica Omega released an updated version of the PloProf, part of the Seamaster collection, which included luxurious new details and modern upgraded features. The revival comes with a titanium case, ceramic bezel, metal helium bleed valve, double retractable bracelet and increased water resistance up to 1200 meters. With such a long history and timeless classics, it's no wonder watch enthusiasts look forward to the replica Omega Revival watches. Which replica watch is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section.

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