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This is the showcase. I have another incredible Omega that we just added. I can't wait to show it to you. This is the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black Edition. for those familiar with it, the deep black is actually the ceramic version, their answer, or the diving answer to the dark side of the moon, which was a huge success when it came out in 2013. About three years later, they released the diving answer, which by the way, if you haven't seen it yet, check out the video we shot on the dark side of the moon. If it's still available, give us a call. Although I'm very skeptical about it, it's still an interesting video and you should check it all out.

Omega Planet Ocean Titanium Mens Blue Quarter Arabic Dial

Seamaster Planet Ocean

This is an incredible Omega Seamaster replica Planet Ocean watch. The entire line is actually made up of four examples. They give an example with a red accent, a blue accent, and an all-black accent. Here, the most elegant impression is given to the gold version of the road version, which is different. I come from one of the many oceans where the solid ceramic case will be the first thing you notice and is certainly what they advertise. It's very smooth and at only 45mm, it's a large watch no matter how you cut it, but in case you didn't know, the ceramic material is actually less dense than stainless steel. As a result, it's a lot lighter and feels lighter in the hand. Not as nice as a titanium replica watch aaa, but definitely surprisingly light for those who may have worn one of the larger stainless steel versions on the planet, the Ocean and Chronograph.

One of the things I like about this is that I'm sure that many people who maybe don't care too much about replica Planet Ocean don't have an orange accent on this watch at all. Those have all been replaced by Omega is Sedna's gold, which is what they call the red gold alloy. And for many people, this is a luxury replica watch. It's not that people don't really expect that much orange in it. So, for some reason, some people don't like the Planet Ocean line, which is one of the few examples that doesn't contain any of those colors. So it may indeed catch your attention and maybe something that you don't normally wear. As for the watch itself, this is a GMT dive replica watch aaa. As such, it does show an auxiliary time zone and the way the Omega Seamaster replica Planet Ocean influences the layout of the dial, which I am fascinated by. The dial itself has a beautiful high gloss black color, which I think is much more eye-catching and definitely looks more elegant than the more unglossy finishes you might typically see from the Seamaster or replica Planet Ocean watch line. The 24-hour calendar is actually tiny, tiny text embossed on the dial of this watch, which I think is very subtle. And it's definitely not the fact that there are no dive replica watches.

Detailed Design

The Omega Seamaster replica Planet Ocean baffle does have your standard dive baffle, in fact, the vessel is a solid ceramic insert. So instead of the only part of the case being made from a single piece of ceramic, the lugs and the rest of the case are sculpted from rose gold accents, which I think is great. You can put them on the outside of these luminous markers, and of course on the crown, and it wouldn't be an Omega dive replica watch aaa without a helium escape valve. You're never guaranteed to use it, but the fact that they're also made in rose gold adds another air of elegance, while still reminding you that this is a tool replica watch. Therefore, the bezel is absolutely beautiful in its layout, but to dial the case. Everything blends together and brings us next to the strap. This looks like a beautiful leather strap because it's going to go with this elegant rose gold color. This is actually a rubber strap. So, it's very comfortable and definitely suitable for diving. It's definitely a tool watch. They didn't just dress it up as the big dive watch that they used to have to wear. That means going down into the water, and the strap reflects that it has this nice ceramic buckle here, which I think is very comfortable. And, if you can clearly see the pattern that they use inside this rubber, then you can say that this is an incredibly comfortable and wearable replica watch aaa. If you prefer a larger watch, then it can be practically everywhere. The rose gold and a and B leather are beautifully decorated, as is the pattern embossed on the other side of this rubber strap. Of course, you'll get a great replica watch. If you're looking for something bigger, then you'll be adding more elegance to your dive watch collection, or if this is perhaps the first Omega Seamaster replica Planet Ocean you've ever seen, then you just have to have it, pay a call, and ask us. Of course, it's always a pleasure and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can have more great videos forwarded to you and viewed on

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